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When Having Kids sent a letter to Prince William and Kate Middleton respectfully offering up the Fair Start model as an alternative to the free-for-all of current family planning models, we mostly received positive reactions. And that was before the most recent terrifying climate change news from the United States government!

But we also drew threats of violence, racist and eugenicist rants about why white and wealthy couples should have lots of kids, and climate change denying bloggers who seem creepily obsessed with celebrity babies (and who use news of them to sell their advertisers’ products). We also heard from Trump supporters who never questioned the possibility that replacement fertility is not a great a baseline. They think that even though family planning will define our futures and the futures of our children, it is “nobody’s business.”

It is clear that many people are simply in denial that the “nobody’s business” approach to (not) planning our families is exacerbating climate change and endangering our own children. They are also turning a blind eye to the immorality of some kids being born with everything and some kids nothing.

And they are also ignoring one simple fact: Caring and thoughtful parents are not going to stand by and ignore the fact that better family planning is quite possibly the single best way to mitigate climate change. These more responsible parents are not going to sit back and enjoy the last of nature while condemning their kids to a denuded, dangerous, crowded, and overheated world simply because people like the Duggar family get famous by having kids. 

These more responsible families are speaking out and moving us towards better family planning. They are not waiting for the government. As these families set this positive and life-affirming example, Having Kids will help their voices grow in number and strength.

Asking public figures to lead by example is one way to take action. We are moving beyond the Royals, asking other figures to speak out in favor of smaller families working together to plan a fair start in life for every child. Please be a part of this work!

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