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Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump want taxpayers to pay women to have more kids because it will mean more consumers and demand for big business, cheaper labor in the future as workers compete for jobs, and more taxpayers.

We need better family planning, not a cash-for-babies scheme.

  • Their proposal ignores child welfare. How does encouraging people to have more children ensure that each child will be born in optimal conditions?
  • Their proposal ignores every child’s right to a fair start in life. Don’t all kids deserve the healthcare, education, and nutrition Trump and Rubio’s kids are getting? Don’t you and your kids deserve help getting to that fair start in life? 
  • Their proposal is straight climate change denial. It would further destroy the polluted and collapsing natural environment our kids are inheriting. Why are Trump and Rubio ignoring the clear evidence that larger families have the worst impact on our climate, oceans, other species, etc? Why are they ignoring the way massive overcrowding is destroying our quality of life?

Instead of Trump and Rubio’s plan to overcrowd America, we want a Fair Start proposal that encourages better family planning: Parents waiting until they are ready to be great parents, having fewer children and investing more in each child, and getting the resources they need to to give every child a fair start in life through a fair division of this country’s wealth.

Take Action Now

Contact your Representative and ask them for this simple and better plan: We want tax reform that incentivizes better family planning aimed at giving every child their right to a fair start in life through smaller and more equitable families, not a scheme to create more consumers, workers, and taxpayers for Rubio, Trump, and their corporate sponsors.

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