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Human population growth is the greatest threat to animals across the globe. For World Population Day, we’re launching a campaign around our interactive Animal Mortality Calculator designed to show individuals and policymakers how human population matters to animals.

Created alongside experts, our model will use existing interdisciplinary data to measure direct human impact (in animals raised for meat, milk, and other products) and indirect impacts (including habitat  loss, traffic-related mortality, and native carnivores killed to protect livestock) on animal life.

Though several publicly accessible animal “impact” resources and calculators exist, none helps  individuals easily assess the impact of their family planning decisions on nonhuman life. Our science-based calculator will influence individuals and lawmakers by helping individuals conceptualize the impact of their family planning choices while educating the animal protection movement about the need to include growth policy in our campaigning to reduce animal  suffering and death. The upshot is helping to build a sustainable world for animals and future humans.
Can you help us reveal the truth about the greatest threat to wild and domestic animals worldwide and fund our Animal Mortality Calculator today?
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