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New York is leading the nation in many ways when it comes to providing families with methods to help support future children and families. Recently, the state announced its #LeadOnLeave initiative, which will give both men and women three months of paid leave. The program is funded by employees, for employees so that the cost will not fall on the employer. This will give new parents the opportunity to be with their child for the first three months, while the current standard is 0 weeks paid leave.

According to CNN, “The majority of the research surrounding paid leave shows definite benefits to the baby, mother and family, including a decline in infant and maternal mortality, an increase in breast-feeding rates and more involvement by fathers in their children’s lives and in child care activities.” #LeadOnLeave will provide more resources to each child so they can live a higher quality of life overall.

The state has also been at the forefront of combating the Zika Virus to limit potential cases of microcephaly. New York has been providing free testing to individuals who have traveled to countries where the disease is prevalent. By being proactive, the state is ensuring that families can respond to this outbreak effectively and that they can plan when to have children so those future children won’t be affected by the virus.

Because New Yorkers are working together to create resources for families, New York is providing conditions for a high quality of life for the children of the future. New York is thinking critically about having kids and about the future it wants to create for those children. Other communities and states should #LeadOnLeave and provide resources to families for testing for diseases like Zika.

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