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Erika Mathews, a mother concerned for the welfare of her child, wrote to Ivanka Trump today to urge her to champion a major federal policy shift that would protect all children.

Read Erika’s plea to Ivanka here.

  • A recent study from Stanford University has found that efforts to mitigate climate change could yield trillions in economic benefits.
  • The best way to mitigate climate change is by choosing smaller families,
  • Given the study, Erika asked Ivanka to change course from her current preferred child care policy, to instead champion a new federal policy fully funding “529” educational savings accounts through a cooperative family planning system.
  • That would align with the trend toward smaller in the United States, but also augment it by including incentives that would shift the family planning from a focus on parents, to a focus on future children and their right to a fair start in life.
  • A recent wave of news stories have reflected on the clear trend in the United States towards parents choosing smaller families. While many of the articles suggested this trend might harm the economy, there are no studies showing the per capita cost to Americans of reduced fertility.

Erika had this to say: “Environmental degradation and social inequity are the greatest threats to our children.” “Ivanka should consider championing a new policy. Parents have the right to protect their children’s future and our government should help them do that.”

Having Kids is a 501(c)3 nonprofit nonprofit organization dedicated to reforming family planning by replacing parent-centered family planning models with the human rights-based and child-first Fair Start model.

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