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Child-first, Fair Start family planning puts the interests of children before parents. As parents, don’t we want what is best for our children? That’s why we need to wait, plan, get help, and be ready before having kids. When kids are born with a fair start, not only do they have a better shot at succeeding, our communities as a whole benefit as well.

What does this mean in simple terms? It means planning smaller families, which are more sustainable for the planet and society, with families in need getting the resources they deserve to give their kids a fair start in life.  

But aren’t fertility rates dropping? Why do we need to change our family planning model and related policies?

Yes, U.S. fertility rates are down slightly. But our population is actually exploding, and economists’ alarmist warnings are centered on the position that we should have more kids to create more taxpayers, workers and consumers. They are urging us to hurt kids, in the log run, in order to create wealth for elites. That approach treats children as objects, and drives economic inequality.

Our family planning choices affect everyone. We can make our world better for all kids by choosing to have smaller families and demanding the resources, that as parents, we all need.

There is no doubt that if the average parent plans smaller families, where we work together to ensure every child gets a fair start in life, you and your kids’ future will be less crowded, cleaner, and safer. If we continue on our current path, we get the opposite.

Read stories from families who have decided to help us down the right path: https://fairstartmovement.org/sustainablefamilies/


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