The Fair Start Model 

The most comprehensive and effective way to protect kids, animals, the environment, and our democracies is through just and equitable policies that ensure a socially and ecologically sustainable fair start in life.

 We cannot achieve the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals without more just, sustainable, and equitable family planning systems.  SDGs implicitly demand a reorienting of family planning policies – from a focus on economic outcomes to a focus on what all future children need and are entitled to, like the Children’s Rights Convention

Derived from dozens of published articles, and consistent with the leading thinking on human rights-based family planning, Fair Start Movement has developed the child-centered Fair Start family planning model. The Fair Start Model promotes smaller, sustainable, and more equitable families so that we can all invest more in each child, right from the start.

Nothing else comes close to doing as much good.

The Fair Start Model

veganism having kids

When communities and governments fix unjust policies:

  • Investing in equitable access to family planning and education
  • Investing in equitable entitlements at birth 
  • And incentivizing smaller families rather than pushing unsustainable, and inequitable growth.
veganism having kids

Future parents are empowered
to delay parenthood, pursue education, and achieve financial stability before having children. This means smaller, more sustainable families, greater family stability, and greater investment and outcomes in each child.


veganism having kids

And kids get an equitable and
fair start in life.


These standards are concrete.

How to pursue the Fair Start Model?

Take action. And use your voice.


  • Inequality is highly inherited.
    Family planning is the most effective way to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and related inequalities. Read more.


  • Inequality and unsustainable growth are the greatest threats to democracy.
    The most effective way to reduce that threat is through family planning. Read more.
  • Smaller and more sustainable families are the most effective way to reduce impact on the climate and animals. Read more.

Fair Start family planning is the most effective way to simultaneously: reduce intergenerational inequalities, strengthen democracy, and preserve healthy planet.

The proven impacts are 10 to 20 times higher than traditional downstream attempts to protect kids, animals, and the environment. The mode converts poor and unsustainable family planning into equality, opportunity, democracy, and nature.

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Why Work Together

Read our white paper here, and our political theory of change here. 

View the slideshow for a deeper look at the Fair Start model.

Adopt the model

Families today are starting to live the Fair Start model. 

If you share these values, join the movement. By adopting the Fair Start model you show your commitment to providing a better life for your children and all future generations. TAKE THE PLEDGE

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