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Unspeakable acts.

Thoughts and prayers.

“Now is not the time” deflections.

Destroyed families.

Fading headlines.


But what is especially insulting, is the accusation that fed up, heartbroken and frustrated communities are politicizing attacks on children. These events are a uniquely American problem; there have been eighteen school shootings in the United States, this year alone.

In the 19 years since the Columbine shooting our leaders have made their priority clear: Short-term profits and economic growth, rather than the thinking-head and caring act of investing in kids. We have consistently failed to invest in early child hood development – which is a known and reliable solution to many problems like juvenile criminality.

Children unquestionably deserve to be safe from other kids when they go to school. If our elected leaders refuse to recognize that, then it is up to us to put someone in their seat who will.

What kind of nation are we if we aren’t putting children first?  


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