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Today is International Women’s Day, but for many women around the world there is little reason to celebrate. Constant discrimination is bad enough, but women are also subject to incredible violence throughout the world and in every aspect of their lives.

The figures are staggering.

If we are serious about elevating women, we won’t just change what we are doing in the short term, but will also focus on changing who we are as people. We will become a people incapable of the atrocities we commit today. Good family planning and parenting play a massive role in that betterment. It’s the change that really matters. But it will take reforms at the highest levels of governance to make the real change happen.

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Right now both the United Nations and the Biden administration are failing miserably in this process, and instead of developing future generations around an ethic of care that would protect women, both remain locked in an antiquated and patriarchal system that pushes women to have children in order to grow economies. The systems they use isolate families and subject women to the promise of familial autonomy, which in the reality of our world becomes a license for men to simply subjugate them in private. The parent-focused (read men-focused) family planning policies guarantee future children no levels of wellbeing, no equal opportunities in life, no safe and natural environment, and no real and effective voice in their democracies.

We can help all women, now and all those who will live in the future, by treating every child’s right to an ecologically and socially fair start in life as the overriding human right, and switching to a child-focused form of family planning.

Take action: Urge the United Nations, and the Biden administration, to finally embrace the fact that every child has a right to a Fair Start in life. We will use their own children a benchmarks for what fairness means as we begin to fight for the rights of the most vulnerable.

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