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If you read about the controversy swirling around the head of Harvard regarding her recent statements on Hamas, and other instances where the university took a stance on political controversies, you might notice something odd:

In upholding certain values, like democracy, nonviolence, and human rights, Dr. Claudine Gay simultaneously accepts status quo family norms – in the region and elsewhere – that quietly undermine the values. We see this if we focus on the actual creation – through families and childbearing – of power relations.


Urge Dr. Gay to embrace Fair Start reforms. The fundamental problem there, and elsewhere, is solvable through family-based enfranchising. 

Urge her to back the retaking of wealth as climate reparations to benefit the future generations who absorbed its true costs. Urge her to admit their is only a fundamental obligation to follow the law in systems that create influential citizens – as ends in themselves – rather than growth-based economic inputs who serve as means for others.


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