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The climate crisis is the biggest threat to your kid’s future. The federal government is making things worse. Ready to step up for your kids and their future? What would you do to help minimize the harm that climate change will cause them? What will you tell them you did to protect them?

The truth is, some people alive today are much more responsible for climate change than others. Lee R. Raymond, and those members of his family that are benefiting from the money he made denying climate change, are a great example. As a CEO of ExxonMobil, Lee is more responsible for the threat climate change poses to you and your family than most other people on earth.

The good news is that there are ways to mitigate the harms of climate change, starting with funding the most comprehensive and effective thing out there: Fair Start family planning reforms. The reform model is simple.  Communities offer substantial resources, like guaranteed minimum incomes, to future parents. Then, in exchange, parents plan smaller families where they can invest more in each child. That simple model is the greatest way to mitigate most of the environmental and social threats that face our children. We can apply better family planning in policy, or through individual actions.  

The Raymond family should use their millions to fund Fair Start reforms. If they did, it would have massive impact beyond just the sheer amount of money spent. It would symbolize and publicize their acknowledgement of the harm they caused. And it would widely highlight better family planning as the most effective way to make amends for that harm.

Take action: We believe you can contact Lee here. Please politely ask him to use his millions to publicly fund Fair Start family planning reforms. Lee, it’s time to do the right thing for all the harm you caused. 


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