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In an open letter sent today, Having Kids is urging NARAL Pro Choice America to break a universal taboo and adopt the Fair Start model as its family planning model. Having Kids is urging the change in policy and messaging, especially in the fight against Trump’s new “domestic gag rule,” because it will base the demand for the freedom and resources not to have children on a broader base of objective interests, and make that demand more compelling, if not irrefutable.

Read the full letter here.

Having Kids is urging NARAL to challenge Trump because his family planning policies threaten national security, and as such bring into question the legitimacy of his government, and the obligation of the people to rise up. Having Kids is urging NARAL to challenge Trump because families in need have a moral claim to a portion of his and his ilk’s wealth, in order to assure their children starts in life equitable to the starts in life wealthy kids are given.

Anne Green, Executive Director of Having Kids, said this: “Reproductive freedom should account for the needs of future children, the community, and the environment. Recognizing that intensifies the demand for resources, to a level it deserves.”

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