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On Universal Children’s Day, Having Kids called on President Trump and Congress to comply with their obligations under international law, and dump their two-pronged population growth policies that limit women’s access to things like contraception while increasing tax incentives to urge them to have more kids. As noted in our press release, the organization sent its open letter to Trump on behalf of Deanna Young, a concerned citizen whose rights Trump is violating.

Deanna Young, whose rights are at issue, had this to say: “The right to have children can’t be interpreted to hurt kids, or destroy our environment. This isn’t rocket science.”

Read the letter here.

Larger and thoughtlessly-planned families are the fastest way to exacerbate climate change and other environmental and social crises. Yet Trump and many in Congress are openly pushing for bigger families. Intentionally endangering our kids and future generations just to meet his shortsighted “more people equal more money” agenda is a violation international law.

Instead of a cutting off access to reproductive health services and a cash-for-babies scheme, Having Kids is calling for a child-first and truly human-rights based Fair Start family planning system. Recently, Republicans moved to modify tax-advantaged “529” educational savings accounts – used almost exclusively by the well-off – to allow fetuses to become beneficiaries. Instead, Having Kids is urging Trump and Congress to work with states to fully fund those accounts for all prospective parents and children through progressively-scaled contributions. These accounts would also require some cooperative contribution from parents (again, progressively scaled) before they have kids.

Tweet @RealDonaldTrump, and tell him that pro-natalist policies exacerbate climate change.


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