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In an open letter sent today, Having Kids is urging the American Academy of Pediatrics to consider a new policy statement on family planning.

Read the full letter here. 

A recently publicized study in the journal Pediatrics shows that children bear 88 percent of the burden of diseases linked to climate change, which could reverse the progress made over the past 25 years in reducing child mortality. That study follows the prescient policy statement on the need for effective global policy changes to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Having Kids is asking the Academy to adopt and advocate for a new family planning model. Pediatricians can, and should, help lead the most important change to protect our future.

“We stand ready to assist with the development of the Academy’s new policy on family planning,” said Anne Green, Executive Director of Having Kids.

Take action: Tweet Dr. Kraft, head of the AAP, at @AAPPres, and politely ask her to consider our request.

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