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The Children of World Leaders and the Wealthy Should Shoulder the Burden Too. Engage the UN Secretary General’s Son.

The recent IPCCC climate report is “a damning indictment of failed global leadership on climate.”

All of the crises we face today stem, fundamentally, from family planning systems that violate human rights regimes by ignoring children’s rights under the Children’s Rights Convention, including the right to a meaningful voice in democracies surrounded by a safe and biodiverse natural world.

To engage in true human rights and bend the arc of population growth towards justice, many are speaking out about the obligation of wealthy and powerful families to take action. Megan Markle recently spoke out.

It’s time to include influential children in the space of our activism. We have urged United Nations Secretary General António Guterres to speak out, and reverse course – as many Nobel Laureates recently urged – on population policies that ensure unfair hierarchies and growth. We should approach his son as well.

This is our letter, in English and Portuguese, to Pedro Guimarães e Melo Guterres.

Contact Ashley@FairStartMovement.org if you want to volunteer in helping reach him.

Dear Pedro,

We are writing to ask you to speak out in support of every child’s right to an ecosocial Fair Start in life as the first and overriding human right. 

We have asked your father to do the same, see e.g. https://fairstartmovement.org/new-coalition-of-organizations-calls-for-sustainable-family-planning-in-face-of-climate-crisis/, but as his son your supporting our call would have immeasurable impact. The issue is intergenerational. The crises we all face today are the product of failing to ensure this right, historically, and we are calling upon you to help us do better. 

For more information see: FairStartMovement.org.

Will you speak out?

Sincerely yours,

The Fair Start Team

Queridos Pedro.

Estamos escrevendo para pedir que pudessem ser a voz em apoio aos direitos de todas as crianças a um movimento ecossocial Fair Start na vida, justo primeiro e primordial de direitos humanos. 

Pedimos ao seu pai para que fizesse o mesmo, veja exemplo: https://fairstartmovement.org/new-coalition-of-organizations-calls-for-sustainable-family-planning-in-face-of-climate-crisis/  por isso como filho dele, você apoiando nossa chamada teria um impacto incomensurável. A questão apresentada é intergeracional. Esta crise que nós enfrentamos hoje em dia, são os produtos de não garantir esse direito, historicamente, então pedimos novamente que ajude-nos a fazer o melhor.

Para mais informações veja:  FairStartMovement.org

vai falar para fora?

Com todo carinho.

The Fair Start Team

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