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There is a subtle a mistake in our thinking and work that is exacerbating the climate, inequity and other crises we all face today. 

To ensure justice and freedom for all, our thinking and work would have to start with family planning policies that create birth and development conditions for all children consistent with the Children’s Rights Convention. 

It is who we should be.

In light of today’s crises, this requires climate restoration via birth equity family planning entitlements, or a zero-baseline model based on minimum levels of welfare, equity of opportunity, biodiversity, and participatory democracies in which all power is decentralized and growth and the property rights necessary for it are conditioned on empowering each child equitably

Without that we are not limiting the harmful power people have over one another, but rather are relying on a system that benefits us at cost to others, and creates an illusion of freedom that enables things like the oppression of the climate crisis.

We can resolve the mistake by simply taking at least one action to move towards ecosocial birth equity, and a future that fulfills what human rights and democracy requires.

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