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The pandemic is a good time for the uber-wealthy, the few thousand billionaires who together hold more wealth than 60% of the people on this planet, to worry about losing their place in the world’s pecking order. History has shown that plagues and pandemics are when transitions of power often happen, when the balance between rich and poor has historically shifted. And it’s hard to believe that targeting these people for a fairer distribution of power would be unjust.

But can we use inequity to solve other problems at the same time?

What if we leveled the playing field for kids through new family planning policies that created socially and ecologically regenerative communities? There is a policy pathway. In short, it involves gearing the progressive distribution of resources around financially incentivizing all parents to a) be ready before they have children, b) to work together to give each child born a fair start in life, and c) to embrace smaller and more sustainable families that make all of this possible. In short, the rich would pay to level the playing field for the future children of the poor.   

This would not only address inequity, but it would also represent the most effective way to mitigate the climate and other ecological crises, and to build human rights and democracy. Fair Start family planning gives whole new meaning to the idea of living our values. And because Fair Start family planning is the fundamental human right, it overrides other rights, including the property rights of the wealthy.

Let’s use one problem to constructively solve many others. Learn more here about the Fair Start model. 

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