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Millennials are delaying having kids, often because they simply can’t afford them. At the same time, wealthy elites—from Donald Trump to Kim Kardashianare having larger families, granting each of their children enormous privileges that will give them significant advantages in life

Is it fair that these children start life at a tremendous advantage, while other children lack even basic necessities such as nutritious food, a safe home, proper education, and healthcare?

In a true democracy, every child would have the fundamental right to a fair start in life. To make true democracy a reality in the world today, we need to work together to ensure that each child has the resources necessary for this fair start. Currently, there are many barriers to this fundamental fairness, from cultural norms that emphasize having kids as a “private” decision to tax and corporate policies that favor the wealthy.

Having Kids is working to dismantle these barriers by working with families, communities, and corporations to help provide better access to resources so that all children get a fair start. Join the conversation at facebook.com/havingkids.

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