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Two billionaires got a lot of press recently by saying that underpopulation threatens humanity. It’s not the first time Elon Musk has suggested women are not having enough babies. It’s nonsense to say that depopulation poses any threat to our species – look at the numbers. Falling fertility rates are a good thing, and are part of the transition to a more sustainable world population – a process the world intentionally started in the Twentieth Century.

So why do Musk and others worry about lower fertility rates? 

So this is the bottom line: The question is not whether we should push women to have more kids so that people like Musk can exploit them. The question is whether we will take back the wealth and resources these people are unjustly holding, and use those resources to give kids a fair start in life.

TAKE ACTION: Tweet Musk, @elonmusk, and urge him to change positions on family planning, and embrace values like nature, fairness, and democracy over wealth and power.

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