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We support the Fair Start modelbecause we want to live out our commitment to protecting children, the environment, and the animals with whom we share the planet. We believe that smaller, loving families are critical to our future—to giving children the care and attention they need to thrive and learn, to an earth that can sustain us, to a world where our fellow creatures have a fighting chance to survive and live lives free of human harm. Investing our resources in fewer children means more attention to each child, a lesser impact on an already fragile planet, and a greater fostering of community. And because having fewer children means we have extra resources, we’re able to give to organizations that promote environmental protection, public interest causes, reproductive rights, and animal welfare. We also recognize that the surest way to create change is to start at home, and for that reason we’re are proud to support the Fair Start modeland committed to instilling in our son the values it represents.

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