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“”We are at a crossroads of human civilization – where we find ourselves facing many symptoms of ecological overshoot playing out in our climate, the loss and degradation of Nature and environmental resources, and social, economic and political tensions. From floods and fires to the loss of snowpack and water, the extinction of species, to road rage, strained service delivery, corruption, unemployment, crowding, the threat of autocracy and partisan violence – all are destabilizing our societies.   

The key to resolving all of these symptoms – each grave in its own right – is facing the systemic, structural inequities and attitudes of entitlement that have brought our societies increasingly to their knees.

Fairness, tolerance, humility and the needs of future generations – of our own and other species – are crucial if we are to successfully run this gauntlet of the next decades and still retain a civilization.  Esther Afolaranmi and others have been promoting structural changes through ethics, law and public policy instruments that lead us in the right direction. Their work needs to be heard if we are to take a highly unequal, dysfunctional society and set it on a wiser and more just path.”

Dr.Phoebe Barnard 

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