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“Policies that empower families to have fewer children who are better cared for is important both for those families and for the world. That’s why I’m glad to support Fair Start.” — Paul Shapiro

Paul is an early supporter of Fair Start.

Our work is needed because most of the efforts to mitigate the climate crisis have been undone by exploitative growth-based family policies that literally undo efforts to protect children, animals, and the environment. These policies underlie everything we do, as this Stanford University article shows.  

Our staff has records of discussions with philanthropists, famous academics. managers at nonprofits, decorated reporters, politicians, etc., all of whom (or whose wealthy children) personally benefitted from these policies – and the silence that surrounds them – at deadly cost to others but refused to change course.


It’s time to tell the truth and out those lying about the impacts of what they are doing. There is no social justice without an eco-social Fair Start in life, and we can take birth equity reparations directly from those who lied about their impacts, in order to compensate the young women and children harmed by the lies.

We can leave money with those who have extreme wealth, or we can move it to young women to create families in sustainable and equitable ways – benefitting the women and children that absorbed the true costs of that wealth. 

Nothing does better.

Be effective.

Take action: If you support a nonprofit that claims to benefit animals, children or the environment, urge them to admit to you that growth undid much of their efforts. Then urge them to embrace climate restoration through birth equity as the first human right. 

And don’t get scammed. Ask anyone claiming to do good this question: How are you accounting for how children being born into the world impacts the values you express? In some cases – if you gave money – suing for greenwashing would be the right thing to do.


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