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The United Nation recently accelerated its human rights work by adopting the universal right to a healthy environment.

But what does that mean? Is the Paris Agreement sufficient, or do we have to be more aggressive and pursue a restorative approach that removes greenhouse gasses and prioritizes #fairstart and other family ecocentric reforms that align our species with nature?

The latter. The evidence is mounting that even small shifts in our climate have major implications for our health, and especially the health of the most vulnerable among us – like infants. Even under current climate changes, they are being harmed. Infants and children are already experiencing stunted growth and death – especially in the most impacted regions – because of our inaction.

What’s the solution? The UN should use the right to a healthy environment as a springboard to a more aggressive or restorative approach that restores nature and habitat, for all species.

TAKE ACTION: Urge the UN’s Human Rights Council to adopt #FairStart as the anchoring standard for all human rights. Contact them at infodesk@ohchr.org and share the body of this post.

The best way to compensate young people and future generations for this violation of their environmental rights is by properly interpreting Article 16 via Fair Start modeling, which encourages birth equity-level transfers of resources as Fair Start family planning incentives/entitlements, using an ecocentric standard as the environmental baseline. This is forward-facing climate reparations at their best. Given the special foundational nature of Article 16, and when properly interpreted its peremptory status as the grundnorm overriding even state-created property rights, younger persons have the right to take the Fair Start resources they need and we will encourage them to do, including those that will ensure future children’s enjoyment of their rights under the Children’s Rights Convention.

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