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If power derives from the people how we are created matters most of all. Let’s look at Putin and population policy.

Обратитесь к дочери Путина, Катерине Тихоновой (Контакты — «Иннопрактика» (innopraktika.ru)) с просьбой осудить вторжение и поддержать реформы «Справедливого Старта», которые имеют фундаментальное значение для демократии. 

What’s unfolding in Ukraine is fundamentally the fault of the United Nations, and a system that – through unsustainable and inequitable family policies – allows top-down power over bottom-up democracy. And while using economic sanctions to respond to military action is a step in the right direction of ending violence, it’s time to go to the next level and empower people over despots from the ground up. The ultimate mistake lies in allowing nations to use future generations to grow their power, rather than empowering future generations as democratic citizens with a voice.

Putin’s patriarchal family policies – permitted by the United Nations – are a perfect example of what is wrong. They push women to have children to expand state power.

Imagine if the wealth being spent by Russia on the war in Ukraine were used to improve birth conditions for all children. The impact would be incomparable.

demographic decline

Fair Start is pushing back, urging world leaders to make family policies that empower kids for democracy.

Fair Start is urging Putin’s daughters Katerina Tikhonova and Maria Vorontsova (who can be engaged publicly) wherever they appear to denounce the invasion, use their influence to support democracy in Ukraine, and to support Fair Start reforms that put democracy at the base of who we should be. They had more than a fair start and should want a better beginning for future children in Russia.

Take action: 

1. For now we are personally urging our Russian-speaking supporters to politely ask Putin’s daughter Katerina Tikhonova (reachable at Контакты – “Иннопрактика” (innopraktika.ru)) to denounce the invasion, and support the Fair Start reforms that are fundamental to democracy.

2. We suggest asking International Criminal Court leadership,@IntlCrimCourt and @KarimKhanQC to open an investigation into the commission of war crimes in Ukraine.

2.  Urge your representatives in Congress to support removing Russia from SWIFT, and to support imposing a NATO no-fly zone. Also, please sign this petition to support the SWIFT action. 

Build democracy with people, not just policies. 

Build democracy with people, not just policies. 

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