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Imagine our current world as a river. On one side of the river stand people who are going to be parents. On the other side stand the children they will have. The parents are inviting the children across the river and into our world.

But like most rivers, there are safe and dangerous places to cross. Some kids never make it across. Some get across but with lasting damage because it was so unsafe for them. Others cross in ankle deep water with everything they need and more.

Regardless of where they cross, the river is currently being destroyed because of too much strain on the fragile ecosystem, and as kids come across, chaos is ensuing all around the river, with crowds trampling the ecology and muddying the waters. The process has resulted in the river looking like chaos, inequity, and ecological collapse.

What if the parents were to work together? Can we build a bridge in the middle of the river that will bring the children over in a way protects them, gives each what they truly need to be healthy and loving parents, ensures equal opportunities in life for all, and protects the ecology of our river? Can the bridge ensure socially and ecologically regenerative communities? Yes we can. 

This is accomplished by gathering the resources and support from all in our communities to build the bridge, creating a world we all want to live in for generations to come. Fair Start family planning does just that. 

Join us in building the bridge. Learn more and TAKE ACTION. 

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