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Dear Ms. Goulding — 

We at Having Kids Inc. strongly support your decision to delay having kids and your new podcast about your decision not to rush into having children. The many career women of the world have evidenced that having children isn’t the “end all, be alll” in life. We encourage you to follow through on your inspiration to take on a new platform to share your story. Your decision to delay starting a family is very much in alignment with the Having Kids Fair Start model detailed below.

The Fair Start model is simple:
1.) Communities help parents to plan their families and wait for readiness before having kids.
2.) We all ensure prioritized resource distribution to give all kids a fair start in life.
3.) We all promote smaller and more regenerative families that make all of this possible.

We believe it is the best interpretation of the fundamental right to have children. The Fair Start Model is 10 to 20 times more effective at protecting children and our environment, and at building human rights and democracy, than other policies that address these issues. For many reasons, it is an overriding human right that can be furthered by all means effective. We would appreciate greatly your helping us promote
the Fair Start model.

— Erika Mathews, Executive Director, and Betty Martin-Finneran, Ph.D., MS, Research Associate

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