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Should every kid born get a college savings account? Is that fair?
There are great arguments that they should. Don’t all kids deserve equal opportunities in life?
But could such programs be more effective if connected back to family planning? It’s not like kids, with all their needs, just fall from the sky. We can plan for them. Could the amounts proposed be increased substantially and in proportion to parents contributing sliding-scale percentages themselves, before having their first child?
The real question is how to fund the transition to true equality. Is there a more important use of society’s resources than investing in its future? As such, do we have a right to those resources – a right that overrides any other claim to them, much the way governments can simply take property for purposes of national defense and other pressing needs? Given the twin threats of climate change and inequality posed by our current failing system of family planning – too many kids and not enough prep, isn’t this a form of national defense if we think long-term?
Let’s think ahead, and plan for kids before they enter the world.
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