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  1. The extreme wealth we see in the world today was made by through a system of unsustainable growth, and illegitimate cost/benefit models, that forced costs on most vulnerable and degraded the climate in a way that is taking millions of innocent lives.
  2. The most just and effective solution is to calculate those costs and use them to pay young women to ensure they have any children at a time, place and with resources that compensate the harm and protect the child and their environment. This replaces illegitimate political systems with no functional protections in the having and rearing of children, and thus none for the ecologies those children would consume.
  3. Fair Start was designed to remove barriers to that process, including targeting deadly greenwashers, and ensuring a peoples’ human rights tribunal, based on the fundamental value of self-determination, with primary jurisdiction over climate claims against the specific wealth driving the crisis.
  4. To start any work from a baseline without those legitimating reparations reinforces deadly greenwashing and exacerbates the situation, hiding trillions of dollars in liability and risking hundreds of millions of lives.
  5. We begin by simply asking: What are we doing to assure the conditions in which children born and raised, including their environment and role models, are being improved so as not to undo the benefits of the work we are otherwise doing in the world? In asking the question we are looking for those who use child welfare policy to undo the values they claim to promote and are thus being unjust and ineffective.


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