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Yes it’s great that Peter Singer championed a well-reasoned argument for animal rights.

But at the same time he embraced a totally contradictory view of human power, the legitimacy of systems meant to regulate it, and of the family policies at the base of these things that caused more animal suffering and death than his approach saved.

How? He embraced anthropocentric population growth over the true liberation of animals, something only possible through rewilding and Fair Start family policies that require parental readiness, redistribution of wealth for child equity, and a default of smaller families.

Moreover, his approach has bred a generation of “distractivists” who pretend to help animals by selling vegan food products to a growing population, while even pushing for more growth, that on balance is at war with animals. They are using their wealth and power profit by imposing costs on others, disempowering the majority, and in a way that exacerbates acts of violence that are hitting innocent rather than those responsible for pushing unjust systems.

Singer committed the “constitutive fallacy,” or basing one’s obligation to follow the law on top-down instruments like written constitutions rather than bottom-up family reforms that actually empower and liberate people – in terms of their actual relations – and in a measurable way, enabling them to physically constitute – under the Children’s Convention – legitimate power relations between people from whose authority things like written constitutions must derive.

An example of the fallacy involves what’s been called the #famscam, in which several civil society organizations were outed by a whistleblower in 2023 for violating ethics rules and knowingly undoing claimed progress with outdated family policies that disempowered most people in order to—per one Nobel Laureate – grow economies that benefitted a few at cost to freedom and democracy. That scam skewed the baseline for climate reparations in favor of wealth donors and in a way that could harm billons of people, and has set the stage for litigation around fraud, and the need to fund climate restoration via birth equity family planning reparations.

Urge Singer to embrace Fair Start reforms, or a comparably effective approach, here.

The first measure of doing good is not welfare or utility, it is consent, and whether we are constituting – physically – just and liberating societies. Singer, given his position, has the capacity to tell the truth and help change family policies in a way that could save millions of lives. Doing the most good means targeting concentrations of influence, like Singer, and using them to bend the arc of growth towards justice.

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