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When a fan recently criticized Alex Baldwin for having lots of kids, Alec’s response was: “You should shut the f–k up and mind your own business.”

Really? Unsustainable family planning is the root cause of the climate and every other ecological crisis that threatens our children, and our future. People choosing to have one child fewer can have twenty times more impact on the climate crisis than alternative measures. If you love your kids and care about the future, how other people plan their families is very much your business. Your and your kid’s right to nature outweighs irresponsible and unsustainable family planning. Push back.

Thoughtful people should not have to worry about having one or two children because others are having so many.

By the year 2100, the world population could vary by billions of people, depending on whether the average woman in the world today has one child more or one child fewer in her lifetime. If the average woman alive today has between 2 and 3 children, the world population will grow to as many as 16 billion by 2100.

What kind of a world do you want for your kids? More crowding, pollution, and inequity, where the average voice does not matter, or a world filled with nature, where every child gets what they need to thrive?

Now, it’s possible Alec and Hilaria’s sixth child was adopted, which would be laudable. In fact, that’s what Having Kids urged the Baldwins to do some time ago.

Take Action: Tell tough guy @alecbaldwininsta and urge him to change his statement. He can still join other celebs, like Kate Middleton, in supporting Fair Start family planning reform.

Nothing has a greater impact on the crises we face today.

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