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In an open letter sent today, Having Kids is urging the star of Tully, UN Messenger of Peace, and model parent Charlize Theron to break a universal taboo and call for a change to family planning laws, worldwide. Her public statements about parenting, UN title, and courageous portrayals of the lives of women in her films make her an ideal candidate to lead a change. The letter said this:

That is why we are writing to ask you to break a universal taboo, and in your words and own way, speak out publicly for the worldwide need for a better family planning model, one that prioritizes the needs of future children and the universal value of smaller, more sustainable, and truly equitable families.

Read the full letter here. 

The facts are clear:

Anne Green, Executive Director of Having Kids, said this to Ms. Theron: “We stand ready to assist you in any way we can, but are confident that you will find the best way to do this.”

For more information, please visit HavingKids.org

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