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Anthropogenic climate change, as the name suggests, derives from humans – or an imbalance between the quantity of people on the planet, as well as our qualities (e.g. proclivity to consume), and our ecosystems.

Things are projected to get much worse. But we can change that.

You and/or you kids don’t have to live in a world with billions more people, massive inequality, a polluted environment, and democracies where citizens are powerless. Smaller families sharing resources to invest more in each child, right from the start, is the most effective way to fight climate change and all of the other crises we face.

So what are the next steps?

  • URGE ORGS TO SPEAK OUT: If you are a member of a donor to an environmental, animal protection, or child welfare organization and they are not promoting policies that encourage better family planning policies and smaller families, urge them to do so, or move your support over to family planning organizations who are helping reduce fertility rates. It’s time to be as effective as we can.

If you care about climate change and other environmental crises please take effective action now.

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