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Having Kids will be truly speaking truth to power – in the most fundamental way – at the COP25 UN Climate Conference in Madrid next month. It’s time to promote the implementation of a truly human rights-based family planning system. We need a real system of human rights that protects kids and restores nature, and limits the hegemony that people alive today have over future generations.

Read our letter to the Executive Secretary of the Conference and share widely.

Last year’s conference focused on industrial emissions. Now it’s time to stop ignoring the most fundamental and biggest factor in the climate crisis: Poor family planning policies.

We will make clear: 
1. The Conference must address new family planning policies as the most effective solution to the climate crisis – twenty times more effective than most alternatives.

2. Human rights require that we put the interests of future children, and hence future generations, first, and requiring a fair start in life for every child is the best way to do that. The Conference must acknowledge the interconnection of the crises we all face, like the inequity in Chile that caused the shift in conference location and which will ensure climate apartheid.

3. There are specific policies that the Conference can promote. Lets focus on funding research into, approval of, and robust marketing of the male pill, subsidizing delaying parenthood, and ensuring the UN reverses its current and disastrous family planning model.

Take Action: Add your name to urge the UN and COP25 to recommend smaller families.

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