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Large environmental organizations that claimed to making progress were opting for family policies that were undoing that progress, and enriching a few at cost to many.

They treated the act of people having kids as a personal, private and taboo matter, including the way it multiplied environmental impacts like climate emissions, because they wanted to avoid talking about their wealthy funders having to invest in all children and because that growth was making powerful people money.

Current family policies ensure more and more animals are subjected to suffering and slaughter, many other species are wiped out, the gap between rich and poor widens, children are robbed of their potential because we do not invest in them, and each person has less of a say in their political systems – turning town halls where many rule to shopping malls where few rule. They guarantee children are tortured to death by their own parents. These policies have created the political space for the reemergence of abortion and contraception bans, and enable influencers in media to openly push women to have more children to grow economies

The amount of harm they caused – telling people they had the environment covered when they did not – is beyond imagination. Millions are at risk.

If you support an environmental organization urge them to disclose their approach to family policy, now and in the past, and to admit they screwed up.

TAKE ACTION: Urge nonprofits to engage in the #wholetruth campaign, and to disclose their family policies, and how they impact their claims of success, in the past and going forward.

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