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Mass shootings often flow from a sense of disempowerment, not simply mental illness.

That fundamentally flows from family planning in the United States today, a system supported on the political left and right by elites who see women having fewer children as a threat to their profit margins. It’s a system designed to fill shopping malls with lots of people and politically disempower them in the process.

Imagine a political/economic system that relies on constantly adding new people to it to create “economic growth” – new consumers, people who will eventually become cheap labor and compliant taxpayers as they age. There are no minimum levels of welfare set for the children being born, and whether one is born into poverty and likely to struggle their entire life, or obscenely rich and likely to enjoy that privilege until they die is a matter fortune, some magical thing that makes it so.

But that’s not the story of American freedom.

The story we were sold is that the United States was the land of self-determination, and democracy – hence the Second Amendment, because ultimately power derived from the people, not politicians.

The reality is our day to day lives are being determined by Exxon as the company degrades our and our children’s environment, politicians who cannot – just based on the numbers – their constituents, parents who raise their kids by torturing them (five die a week at the hands of their parents), and billionaire inheritors overseeing people who don’t make enough money to survive.

Where is the freedom in that? We don’ have to live in town halls – but our day to day lives are not free if our day to day relations do not reflect that level of personal empowerment.

Target those who have the power to tell the truth about what drives mass shootings in America, and how to fix the problem.

TAKE ACTION: Urge the New York Times lead to spend less time pushing women to have kids and more time ensuring those kids will be empowered. In an economy you may not relate to Mr. Kahn. But you should live in a democracy, and in that he’s just another citizen – like you. Engage him.

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