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A two-year-old was recently tortured and killed by his parents. Roughly five kids die at the hands of their parents each day. 


Children in a classroom

This happens, fundamentally, because we do not ensure family planning policies that ensure all children a Fair Start in life. Those policies work when we incentivize parents delaying having kids until they are ready to be parents.

Who opposes these policies? Those, like Elon Musk, who benefit from a fundamental system that promotes economic growth over fair starts in life for all kids. 



How do we end child abuse? We can take the money directly from those like Musk, who made their wealth through a system that externalized its costs on others – costs like child abuse – and use it to fund the incentives we need. Why can we take it? All rules – like those that entitle him to wealth – should be fair, and the first and overriding human right requires fairness in creation.

TAKE ACTION: Urge the United Nations to admit that they failed to ensue human rights by not starting with fair starts in life for all kids and support the taking back of wealth and the giving it into fairness-based family planning as described above.



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