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Dear World Media,

Hope for the Earth – at last.

Today the United Nations Development Programme presented their apologies for having run down our home and the home of a myriad of other species by choosing to completely ignore the content of the Meadows Report. Finally they acknowledged that the Earth has finite resources and that we borrowed recklessly both from future generations and other species.

As of today a new world Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) has been added:

SDG 0: Small families for all.  Its aim is to encourage people to stop at a great maximum of two offspring in the name of justice and fairness: Fairness to others, to other species and even to their own children.

It was finally recognised that a large cohort of elderly people are easier to manage than floods, subsidence, droughts, hurricanes and rising temperatures. It was also realised that the risk of future pandemics locking us all in was not worth carrying on as we are. And last but not least it was realised that they were starting to look ridiculous.

We thank the United Nations for having the humility to recognise that for the last forty years they were led up the garden path by various funders and interest groups. One big cheer for better things to come

Wishful thinker

Take action: Urge UN leadership to abandon the isolation family planning modeling in favor of Fair Start.

About the author:

Esther started being concerned about the wounds inflicted to the Earth aged 11 in 1976. She also understood at that time that there were already then far too many humans, considering their acquisitive and wasteful behaviour. Climate change was on her radar very early on, not least because her father was a physicist specialised in thermo-dynamics who left the oil industry in the 1970s to work on renewables. She had a strong link to nature and has been devastated seeing everything taken over and crushed by the human enterprise and all other species disappeared under piles of concrete in a soul crushing manner. When she was young she wished for a couple of children but as time went on she concluded that if her and her husband had any, those children would have a ghastly future ahead of them, so they didn’t try. As such she represents a growing swath of childfree voices in tune with Dave Benatar South African Prof of Philosophy who wrote a book in 2008 entitled “Better never to have been, the harm of coming into existence”: The Case for Not Being Born | The New Yorker

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