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Solving the biggest problems we face, from the climate crisis to growing inequality, requires effective action. There is no way to be truly effective without planning ahead and adopting family planning policies that invest more in kids and restore nature. Here are some vital questions to ask groups you might be supporting:

  • If you support a child welfare organization: Does it urge communities and parents to ensure minimum levels of welfare for kids, before they are born, in order to avoid less effective interventions later in life?
  • If you support an environmental or animal protection organization: Does it promote sustainable families, by far the most effective way to ensure a healthy environment, biodiversity, and less animal suffering?
  • If you support social justice organizations working on racial, economic, gender, or other forms of equality: Do they promote family planning policies that a) level the playing field for all kids so that they truly have equal opportunities In life, and b) advance gender equity by eliminating all forms of pronatalism, or pushing people to have kids?
  • If you support organizations promoting human rights and democracy: Do they promote family planning policies that will ensure each person has an effective voice in their political systems and is not lost in the crowd?

In addition to considering organizations’ current approaches, find out how organizations have historically approached policies for how we should plan our families, and how those positions impacted social and ecological conditions in the world today.

Changing the way we all plan families is not easy. It requires breaking a taboo and confronting those who benefit from exploiting future generations and nature through unsustainable family planning policies. But there are lots of way to begin.

Urge any group you support to choose from the actions listed here. Or contact us at info@fairstartmovement.org for more information.

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