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Is it time to put democracy before economy?

Jesse Wegman asks the question on many minds given the political crises we in the U.S. now face: What about amending our constitution? But can we back out of that question and ask what he means by “us,” or the people who would do the amending? Given that government derives from the people, that is the key question.  There is no such thing as human rights and democracy without accounting for the just and fair creation of the people who would comprise such systems.

That is where we have to start. And today’s populace was created to fill shopping malls – not town halls. We know this from the ubiquitous references to a “baby bust” in reaction to falling fertility rates. We are used to creating lots of people with the economic capacity to consume, work, and pay taxes, not fewer and highly developed people capable of collectively operating a democracy where each sovereign voice actually matters.

sustainable family planning

Our current family planning policies, which encourage economic growth irrespective of individual levels of child welfare, fair starts in life, and environmental  consequences, have made things worse. The United States is a largely unrepresentative democracy where family planning policies are designed to create large future populations of consumers, workers, and taxpayers, rather than a sustainable number citizens capable of collective self rule. They create people for shopping malls, not town halls.

By starting at the source, and using Fair Start family planning to decentralize concentrations of power, including governments, large corporations, and wealthy families and individuals, we can shift resources to empower and free future children

Let’s first address the root questions of who we are and should be when we talk about amending the Constitution, and embrace reforms that will enable future generations to take the idea of amending more seriously. 

TAKE ACTION: Urge the NYT editor @ @deanbaquet to take human rights and democracy seriously, and embrace Fair Start as the fundament of justice.

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