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On the heels of a study showing that the most effective solutions to climate change are not being discussed, and UN reports of disastrous mass extinctions, a growing coalition of environmental and child protection organizations is launching a daring new campaign.

The Tell the Truth Campaign is urging the education community around the world to speak out, and to tell teen students as appropriate and depending on their age, that smaller families are the most effective way to mitigate the threats of climate change and many other environmental crises.

Why are groups urging teachers to speak out?

Here are the facts:

The campaign will be sending a new letter each week to influential educator organizations around the world urging them to take action, providing them with all of the relevant information, and offering to publicize the most impressive efforts.

“Who would oppose telling kids the truth about what protects their future,” said Erika Matthews, Executive Director of Having Kids. “It’s well past due to give teens the information they need to promote effective policy changes,” said Small Families Project Executive Director Peter Fiekowsky. “This may be the most important thing for the educational community to convey to younger generations.”


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