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Today is World Biological Diversity Day. What is driving mass extinction around the planet? It is poor family family planning, which has caused explosive population growth, with humans literally replacing other species around the globe. The connections are clear.

Do you want your kids to live in a world with wildlife? You grew up in a world with giraffes, polar bears, and koalas. Do you really want your kids to live in a world where these wonderful animals are replaced with Wal-Marts and Starbucks?

The most effective solution to mitigate species loss and dozens of other anthropogenic impacts is through policies that promote smaller families sharing resources to give every child a far start in life. Better family planning can have twenty times the impact of downstream policy changes.

Take action: If you are a member of an environmental or animal protection organization urge them to take a position embracing smaller families and the need for better family planning policies. Break the taboo, and speak out. 

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