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How do you make money by destroying the environment, while appearing to do good?

You pretend to reduce things like climate emissions by promoting green energy or vegan food products, for example, while quietly finding ways to simply increase the number of people who will consume those products. And you define the “environment” as a human resource, and allow the Anthropocene to expand over it.

That’s exactly what many businesses and the nonprofits they support have been doing of late and the climate costs to our freedom, and to future generations, are astronomical.

How do we stop the #Famscam?


  1. Target companies like Exxon to admit their role in this, and to pay the reparations they owe future generations. Bad family policies that disempower people are causing extreme violence in our communities, hitting innocent victims rather than those at the top who are responsible for and who benefit from the policies.
  2. Urge any nonprofit you support to tell the #wholetruth, and to disclose their family policies – including internal employment and benefit policies – and how they have impacted and will impact the organization’s work and claims of success.
  3. Urge media and journalists like Ezra Klein to admit that they may have a conflict of interest when reporting on family policies, and have enabled the #famscam and hurt people in many cases with unethical reporting.

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