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The good news is that we are all going down the right road toward smaller families. The average number of children born in the world today has dropped from roughly 5 births per woman in the 1960s to roughly 2½ births per woman today.  

But our policies remain stuck in the past. Instead of supporting smaller families where parents can provide more for themselves and for each child they have, many governments are pushing outdated policies that hurt people and the planet.    

Through our parent organization, Having Kids, we are pushing back and helping communities work together to keep moving down the right road towards smaller families.


Sustainable families 

Why IS Smaller Better?


recent study has determined that just two generations of humans have killed off more than half the world’s wildlife populations.


Don’t we want better lives for our families and everyone around us? 


Every new person, especially in the United States, takes resources out of the planet that we can’t replace, pollutes the environment in ways we can’t clean up, and makes the world a harder place for each of us to live in. 

We have a duty to ensure that pristine forests, uncrowded beaches, and animals are protected, and restored, for future generations.  


Freedom Comes Through Family, and Sometimes Less is More


Having fewer children means more for each child, more to share with others, and more time for parents. It means more nature, stronger communities, and a safer, sustainable, and better future. And for everyone that means smaller and sustainable communities that flourish because each person has more of a voice in their governments, cultures and lives.

It’s simple. Parents take the resources they would have invested in having a third or fourth child and instead use part of those resources to help other families plan for and invest in their first or second child, and in ways that give all of the children things in common.

Smaller families are investing more in themselves and in each child, and in doing so, making their children’s world a better place.


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