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Do you support the simple ideas that 1) parents should be ready before they have kids, 2) that we have a right to distribute resources to give all kids an eco-social Fair Start in life, and that 3) a universal ethic of sustainable families for all is the best way to restore nature? Peer-reviewed research shows that prioritizing these elements in policy has ten to twenty times the positive impact on climate and other crises, relative to most other changes we can make.

Dozens of groups from the child protection, animal welfare, environmental protection, human rights and democracy sectors are joining various coalitions that further some version of the Fair Start core suite of ideals. Groups like WildEarth Guardians, World Population Balance, ProVeg International, Brighter Green, Population Matters, and Seeding Sovereignty are working on campaigns – from leaning on Joe Biden to issue a declaration of climate emergency based on a -300ppm standard, to supporting litigation in the United States that requires ecocentric (300 ppm or less) solutions to the climate crisis as a constitutional right. These campaigns each help further every child’s fundamental human right to an eco-social Fair Start in life.

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Will the organizations you support join as well? Urge them to reach out to us at info@fairstartmovement.org to learn more!

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