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The move by Texas to ban abortions in the earliest stages of a woman’s pregnancy is part of the long running war between those focused on the potential life of the fetus, and those focused on women’s autonomy.

The Fair Start Movement intends to file amicus – or friend of the courts briefs – in this fight from a very new perspective: No government, states included, has any permissible interest in creating future generations beneath a threshold of wellbeing, equity and development that would ensure democracy, and real democracy where each person’s voice matters. We and future generations have a right to that threshold, including the restoration of nature, which would protect children at birth from the ravages of the climate crisis.

Under this truth, Texas would not have even been able to formulate a law like it did. The argument is based on a novel political theory, the zero baseline model, that is the subject of a new peer-reviewed book.

We have to be a democratic we, in terms of how we and our power relations are created, before we even get to the question of individual rights. We have to first be free in terms of our health and well being, not being dominated by others through birth-inherited power differentials, free from the climate crisis through a return to nature, and free in terms of having an influential role in one’s democracy.

In other words, we never pass go in terms of the current fight. Instead the state is obligated – as a first order of business – of investing heavily in family planning programs to ensure Fair Start and the creation of democratic citizens (not just consumers and workers).

This is what the Supreme Court has said, many times, is the most important state interest. It’s also the most effective way to reduce climate emissions, (though that is something businesses have actually paid media to hide).

And that interest, in the form of aggressive family planning interventions, cuts abortion rates across the board.

Let’s change the conversation.

Now – who is to blame for situations like Texas? Who should be held accountable? Men pushing women to have kids to grow the economy are largely to blame, and in fact are winning the fight abroad by limiting access to abortions in China. They are also behind the “nobody else’s business” approach to family planning that has allowed the United Nations to abandon women to be forced to be mothers by the Taliban.

Don’t forget: Not only can we stop these men, but we have the right to take the resources they made without paying the costs they were pushing on others.


Let’s find the men and companies responsible for the paradigm that pushes back against Fair Start. Urge any organization you are part of to support and join our Tell the Truth campaign, which would obligate disclosure of this information.

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