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The California Coastal Commission is wading into a controversy in Pacifica regarding overcrowding at the famous Linda Mar surf spot, and limitations on access that impact oppressed communities within the state.

The problem, demand for a limited resource in a growing population plagued by inequity, stems directly from the Commission’s tacitly acceptance of family models – the fundamental environmental issue – that created and exacerbate this and hundreds of other use scenarios.

The solution is to adopt Fair Start family policy modeling as the first and overriding human right, and there are many ways the Commission could do that within its existing authority.

Let’s stop pretending to solve the problems we are ourselves are creating, upstream.

TAKE ACTION: Urge the Commission and Donne Brownsey, at Donne.Brownsey@coastal.ca.gov / executivestaff@coastal.ca.gov / (415) 904-5202 , to adopt Fair Start modeling and to lead others towards true solutions.

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