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Want to help address and solve key crises around the world, including improving child welfare, decreasing the inequality gap, building democracy, and mitigating climate change and other environmental threats? Here’s how.

  • Numerous studies have shown that early childhood interventions — such as a family planning model that alters the conditions in which children are born and first raised — create the best returns in terms of improved child welfare.
  • Those early investments can reduce the long-term effects that unequal early childhood conditions have on children, including our current massive health and income gaps between adults.
  • Increasing early childhood investments, especially through modeling that promotes smaller families investing more in each child, is also a uniquely effective way to build the connected communities that real democracies require.
  • Studies have also shown that planning smaller families is the most effective way to mitigate climate change and other environmental threats, in some cases reducing impact with twenty times more efficacy than other protective measures.

Sign the Fair Start Declaration today and help us create the future we all want.

At Having Kids:

We promote and protect every child’s right to a fair start in life by replacing unsustainable, parent-centered family planning models with the human rights-based and child-centered Fair Start family planning model. The model suggests a shift in family planning from a subjective focus on just the parents, to an objective focus that considers the interests of the potential child, the parents, and the community.

It’s all about this: Smaller families working together to give every child a fair start in life.

Today many families are adopting the Fair Start family planning model. First, they try to give their child a fair start in life by having a smaller family where they can invest more in their child. Often they also foster or adopt one of the many children eagerly waiting for parents rather than creating additional need. Second, they publicly role model their choices. Finally, these families join public advocacy campaigns to shift resources from extractive centers of power like governments, corporations, and wealthy families in order to democratically empower children and future citizens by incentivizing better family planning by all parents. Why? All parents know that the quality of their own child’s life will depend on how other parents decide to have and raise their kids.

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