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Do you work with a social justice organization, like an environmental, child welfare, animal protection, or human rights group? If so, one of the best ways to further your organization’s mission in by promoting Fair Start family planning.


For example – many animal protection advocates focus on changing diets as a way to protect animals from the horrors of factory farming and wildlife from the horrors of climate change that is partially driven by factory farming. The impact of this approach has been completely overridden by recent population growth, which is set to continue.

Isn’t it time to work upstream? 

  • Fair Start family planning is not just effective. It is comprehensively effective, or intersectional. It aligns environmentalism, animal protection, and human rights in one unifying campaign to reform the way we plan families. This isn’t just a matter of using words like intersectional to appear thoughtful. The creation of future generations is something that connects us all.

Social justice organizations could magnify their impact exponentially by including family planning reform in their programming. For some organizations, there is the option of including Fair Start advocacy in their lawful civil disobedience programs. How could they do this specifically?

In addition to current work organizations could lawfully target entities like Exxon who are harming untold numbers of children and animals through their impact on climate and other aspects of the environment, and who have special obligations to fund Fair Start family planning systems given the harm they have caused.

It’s time to create fundamental change, and be effective and intersectional at the same time. Social justice work starts with people, and in the long run, people start with family planning. It’s time for to ensure a fair start for all kids. Learn more at HavingKids.org

Join us in urging the U.N. Secretary-General to issue a statement recommending sustainable family planning for World Population Day. RSVP to our event, help us share the event, and send him a message here.


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