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Senator Mike Lee is getting attention for his solution to climate change: to just have more kids.

Senator Lee is suggesting that Americans arbitrarily have larger families. He is actually promoting exacerbating climate change, and all the risks of a larger human population in a less hospitable future environment. Having a larger family is the most effective way to increase greenhouse gas emissions. Given that climate change is a threat to the security of the United States, we are wondering who – exactly – Sen. Lee represents? 

Does he tell his three children that he’s for worsening the climate change that will reduce the quality of their lives? What is he doing to ensure proper care for the thousands of children wallowing in failing foster care systems around the country, including in Sen. Lee’s home state of Utah? Should we simply ignore them and just have more kids?

Why should we follow the laws made by someone who is a threat to our future? 

Take action: Call Sen. Lee and ask him to retract his comments and promote Fair Start family planning.

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