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Does life imitate art? Fox News contributor an former Real World cast member Rachel Campos-Duffy evokes a scene from the famous movie, Idiocracy. As a mother of eight, she denies climate change and openly promotes the worst way to intensify it – more irresponsible family planning.

Fact: The root cause of most of our environmental and social crises, like climate change, massive inequality, child abuse, terrorism and social conflict, and the decline of democracy, come from one root source: poor and unsustainable family planning.

Is it fair that many of us have to worry about having one because people like her selfishly have eight?

Is it fair to put the burden of dealing with the fallout of her reckless behavior on her kids, as she suggests?

We all love our kids. We want the best for them. We have an obligation to ensure a future world that is safe and secure for them, filled with people who were born and raised with everything they need to work together for a better world. We should confront people that threaten our children and their future by promoting irresponsible and unsustainable family planning. We should not let the future for our kids be defined by people like Rachel Campos-Duffy.

Take action:

Tweet Rachel @RCamposDuffy, and ask her to answer these simple questions: Do all kids deserve a fair start in life and how would you ensure that? Is having eight kids sustainable? What steps are you taking to make the future world safe and secure for you own kids?

Rachel is impacting the world we all share, and the future our kids will inherit. Help hold her accountable and urge her to engage on and debate the issues she raised.

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